Organic Luxury Living
Our Design Concept

B&V is a new and exclusive design & development concept brought to you by established and renowned Blakstad architects and designers. Our portfolio of properties, each design highly exclusive and distinctive, are built to the highest standards,  in other words , we create and offer you, unique, organic luxury living spaces, always in keeping with traditional Ibiza.

Historical Ibicencan architecture merges perfectly with contemporary style, interior design and landscaping to create elegant houses for a modern lifestyle.

A fully integrated development company. Taking a concept, property and design and bringing it to life.


The B&V project is a dynamic joint enterprise between Rolf Blakstad and Ingo Vollkammer who share a passion for organic architecture, beautifully reflected in their designs.

“We share a responsibility for the environment in which we create living spaces for our clients. For two generations we have shared their creative visions and executed them to the best of our ability. We are proud of what we have achieved and learnt with the trust and creative input of our faithful clientele. We have now entered into a partnership with one of our strong supporters, creating a unique brand, taking us from design to execution. B&V will create and market properties exclusively designed by Blakstad. The next organic step for us, is to take our concepts all the way to the end, to serve a very selective group of buyers who trust in our vision and execution”